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Rowfer Ltd. is the bridge that connects mines to resources required for ore processing, and the food ingredients industry to high quality agricultural produce.

At Rowfer, our priority is to deliver the best required materials and equipment from an integrated supply chain. Being a company that specializes in gold mining processes, our dedication is to provide all the combined ingredients needed to produce high purity gold. Rowfer also works together with farmers to ensure that high yields of excellent quality agricultural crops are delivered.

With our expertise and knowledge we are capable of delivering bespoke solutions perfectly tailored for your individual needs and operational conditions, with dedicated support offered at every stage of the venture. Our team brings together experience, insight and market intelligence to any project and we understand that every business has its individual requirements and every operational condition its own specific challenges.

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Rowfer is heavily engaged within the mining industry, particularly in the recovery of metals such as copper, gold and silver. Operational input materials supplied by Rowfer and used in metallurgic extraction processes result in high yields. Most mining procedures involve a cyanidation process to eliminate impurities and accomplish recovery. Our integrated supply network permeates efficient and reliable manufacturers of sodium cyanide and activated carbon to serve major mining processes.

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Activated Carbon

activated carbon supplied by Rowfer
activate carbon by rowfer

The hardness of activated carbon is crucial in order to withstand the high temperatures reached in processes such as CIL, CIC and CIP. Rowfer offers a range of activated carbon that have shown positive results in the adsorption of cyanide from gold solutions, which can be supplied in different mesh sizes and in granular and extruded forms.

Sodium Cyanide

sodium cyanide supplied by Rowfer

Sodium cyanide, best described as a white salt with a high solubility in water, is highly toxic and must be handled and stored cautiously. The product offered by Rowfer has purity of up to 98 to 99% and is available in both briquette and granular form.


dibk supplied by Rowfer

Diisobutyl Ketone is a clear liquid that functions as a coating solvent in inks, adhesives, flavors, fragrances and most importantly gold mining. It is used in laboratory testing for the presence of gold particles in ore samples.

Carbon Steel Balls

carbon steel balls supplied by Rowfer

Grinding media used in gold processing with Hardness 60-65 available in different sizes, usually 40mm and 60 mm.


borax supplied by Rowfer

Used in the smelting of gold and available in both granular and powder form, Rowfer offers borax pentahydrate and borax decahydrate.



Rotary screw, reciprocating and centrifugal air compressors are all available at different duties depending upon process conditions.

Respiratory Masks & Filters

Respiratory masks and filters used against toxic gases such as mercuric compounds and cyanide, as well as sulphuric and other inorganic oxides are available.

Resistant Pumps

pumps supplied by Rowfer

Whether they are water, slurry, cyanide resistant, acidic or alkaline resistant a variety of pumps are offered with bespoke design capabilities. With a valid warranty of up to one year, Rowfer assures their clients that quality and efficiency is always a priority.

Industrial Cooling Fans

fan supplied by Rowfer

High flow rate industrial axial fan ideal for cooling down Power generation unit within the mining operations. The fan operates best in ambient Temperature & Pressure and maintain its power from an electric motor supply.


Rowfer promotes the mobility of commodities between regions, strategically matching the market capabilities of an area with the market consumption pattern in another. Our interaction with the African continent enabled us to expand an integrated supply chain model, linking to other fast growing regions. Our focus is to continue growing synergies, entrench presence and deepen the value chain through increasing processing initiatives. Our agricultural sector is focused on crops such as acacia gum, hibiscus sabdariffa and sesame seeds.

Agricultural Products

Acacia Gum

Acacia Gum, or gum arabic, is harvested from Acacia trees that grow in the sub-Saharan African region. The encapsulation and emulsification properties of this polysaccharide designate the ability to enrich products with different flavors, provided by a mouth feel sensation. Carbonated beverages utilise Acacia gum to increase fizzing, through its ability to reduce surface tension in liquids. Acacia is classified into two grades, Acacia Senegal and Acacia Seyal both of which are provided by Rowfer.

Hibiscus Sabdariffa

Hibiscus sabdariffa, also known as the Roselle flower, grows in tropical and subtropical regions and is most commonly used as a refreshing drink in many African, Caribbean, and Latin American countries. It can also be blended with tea as a hot drink to clear mucus and ease coughs. In medicines hibiscus is used as a diuretic and has also featured in the treatment of cardiac and nerve diseases within medical research. Furthermore, it can be used as a coloring agent in major food industries due to its strong red pigment.

Sesame Seed

Sesame seeds are considered to be historically harvested for more than 3000 years. While it may possess a white, gold, reddish brown or brown color, depending on region and growing conditions, the most common type traded in many markets is white sesame seeds. It is mainly used as a coating for bakery and dessert products, but is also used to produce sesame oil notably known for its distinguished nutty flavor and slightly sweet taste.

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